• about us

    Flare Group Social Security and Labor Attorneys Firm is a family owned group of independent Social Security and Labor Attorneys bonded by Kaori Endo Kamii and her mother, Keiko Endo. The Firm was founded in 2014 when Kaori left the human capital service of an international public accounting firm in Tokyo after 7 years of practice. She is a consultant at the Japan Telework Association and at TX Entrepreneur Partners.


    We operate a Co-Working Space, Cicol-Work, in the heart of Kashiwanoha Campus, the Silicon Valley of Japan, to offer flexible and mobile work style for working mothers in the neighborhood and of our clients challenged by the difficulty of raising children and building a career. Kashiwanoha Campus houses the National Cancer Center Japan, The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus, Center for Environment, Health and Field Sciences of Chiba University, Tokatsu Techno Plaza, TX Entrepreneur Partners among other scientific and technology research facilities and start-up businesses.


    We offer virtual office services to foreign businesses entering the Japan market. Register your business at this leading scientific and technology Smart City for address, mailbox, dedicated phone number and call forwarding services. Human capital and tax professionals are available to address your concerns.

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    virtual office

    Run your business without the costs of a traditional office. Use the address for your business registration, business cards and/or mailing address.

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    mail services

    Mail received by our reception team. Access to administrative support, to help with tasks like document collation or arranging couriers according to your instructions.

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    professional services

    Social Security and Labor Attorney and Licensed Tax Accountant available to assist start-up entrepreneurs with human capital, accounting and tax matters.

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    terms & cost

    JPY 10,000 one-time registration fee plus JPY 5,000/month. Minimum 6 months term renewable monthly thereafter. 2 month notice for termination.

  • Offering virtual office is just one way we help foreign businesses establish their space in Japan. The next step is to fill in that space with people to run your business. But with people come many issues. Here are some common issues we provided solutions to.

    • Can you help prepare an employment contract?
    • What is a common payroll structure in Japan?
    • What benefits are employees entitled to?
    • Are there any unique issues in Japan we should be aware of?
    • Are there any hidden costs when hiring employees in Japan?
    • What should we be concerned with when terminating an employee?
    • Is our current payroll structure and processing in compliance with applicable laws?
    • How does our compensation and benefits measure against industry competitors?
    • Can you share your thoughts on an advice received from our current advisor?

    All services are currently provided via email communication and written deliverable.

    Our billing rate is JPY 20,000 per hour with standard fee per written deliverable ranging between JPY 120,000-240,000 based on number of hours required to complete delivery of services. We generally spend 1-2 hours understanding your business, your issues and what you seek to accomplish. 1-2 hours are spent after delivery of written memo to address your follow-up questions and updating the memo as requested.

    Compliance analysis of an employee working remotely from Japan

    Covid-19 has transformed the way we work. At many businesses, employees are working from homw. Some businesses have gone beyond to permit employees to work remotely from outside their country, whether it be for personal pursuit of happiness or following a spouse's international assignment. However, businesses need to be cautious of compliance pitfalls in the country in which an employee has chosen to work remotely from.


    We offer social security and payroll tax compliance analysis of your employee working remotely in Japan.

    Compliance review of employment contracts

    Employment contract, employment agreement, employment offer letter or whatever name it be given, an agreement entered into between an employer and an employee must explicitly lay out certain terms and conditions of employment in writing. Non-compliance may result in the employer being subject to up to JPY 300,000 of monetary fine.


    We assist businesses by reviewing their current employment contracts to ensure they are in compliance with laws and regulations of Japan. Deliverables are available in English and Japanese. 


    The Gate Tower West 3F

    Park City Kashiwa-no-ha Campus

    Kashiwanoha Campus 148-1

    178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi

    Chiba 277-0871